100 Rides of Peloton

IMG_0245I’ve shared before, but I can’t shout loud enough how much I love our Peloton bike. It is hands down, one of the best purchases we have ever made. I have to admit, when hubby first brought up the idea, I wasn’t sure we would ever get the value out of it. Boy, was I wrong!!

I love the convenience of the bike. Most days, I can find time to get in a 45 or 60 minute ride early in the morning, but for those days where we have an early play date or Lou has to head into work early, it’s so nice being able to take a short 20 or 30 minute ride while Ryder is napping or after he’s gone to bed. Getting ready, packing gym bag/diaper bag, driving to the gym, getting Ryder settled in Kids club – all together take longer than the workout itself and all these nuances give me the perfect excuse to avoid going in the first place. With the Peloton, it’s literally sports bra on, hair up, clip in, go!

IMG_1457I love that Lou and I have another “thing” we do together. It’s funny that the meaning of Peloton is a pack who ride together and that’s exactly what it feels like – we ride together. We don’t ride at the same time, but we may as well. We are both passionate about all things Peloton – the bike, our numbers, the community, the boutique. It’s really nice to support one another and share the same interest in our workouts. We root each other on and celebrate milestones together (usually with a calorie splurge). It’s also really nice having his support and help in watching Ryder so I have time to ride.

IMG_2804I love the technology of the bike. Our bike is wedged in between our washer/dryer, a rolling rack of Lou’s Ju Jitsu gi’s and our earthquake emergency supplies, but once I turn that screen on and hit play, I’m live, in-studio, in New York, baby! I love the large screen and great speakers  – it really does help get me into the zone. Ryder loves it too! The bike is off limits to him, but on the rare moment he gets near the bike, he loves to watch the screen.

Most of all, I love that it is set up so I can challenge others, challenge myself or just tap it all away and enjoy the class. It’s perfect for someone like me who has different moods on different days. Some days, I want to be the best in the class (ok, this hasn’t happened yet. I’ve made it to the top 1/3, which technically makes me like a B- student rider). Some days, I don’t care what anyone else is doing; I’m just proud I made it on the bike. Mainly I focus on my own progress and have found that to be my biggest motivating factor. Seeing my total output for the same length ride in the past helps me see where my limits are. It’s nice to have that extra little push when I think I’m giving it my all.

This week, I took my 100th ride!! Peloton allows you to download your workout history with a detailed breakdown of your metrics from every ride. In reviewing my history, I feel so proud of my progress and started to look at some of the comments I included with my ride recap posts and the thoughts I had just after each ride. Thus, I share with you, 100 rides of Peloton:

*I chose to focus on average watts, rather than output or calories to account for various ride durations.

Ride 1 [ Average Watts: 70 ] I’m 6 weeks postpartum. Can I even sit on a bike yet?

Ride 2 [ Average Watts: 60 ] Two rides in two days. I can’t wait to drop this baby weight.

Ride 7 [ Average Watts: 89 ] First time taking Robin’s class. Holy shit, she is bad ass.

Ride 13 [Average Watts: 67 ] The baby was up all night. So tired. Coffee please.

Ride 18 [ Average Watts: 91 ] First time taking Jessica’s class. No wonder hubby takes so many of her classes. She rocks! New PR!!

Ride 19 [ Average Watts: 71 ] I can’t believe I survived a 45 minute ride. I can’t wait to do it again.

Ride 24 [ Average Watts: 94 ] 45 minute ride and a new PR!

Ride 26 [ Average Watts: 102 ] Three PR’s over three classes in a row. It gets a little bit more manageable each time.

Ride 31 [ Average Watts: 116 ] First live class. Wow! I finally broke 300 output. How will I ever beat this PR?

Ride 34 [ Average Watts: 120 ] I just ruined my blow dry, but who cares? I burned over 550 calories!

Ride 37 [ Average Watts: 125 ] Robin just called me out in a live class!!

Ride 39 [ Average Watts: 104 ] I just rode for 60 minutes straight. It’s a froyo kind of day.

Ride 42 [ Average Watts: 112 ] #summersixchallenge begins. What am I getting myself into?

Ride 43 [ Average Watts: 125 ] How does JJ look like a super model after a ride and I look like a sweaty lobster face?

Ride 50 [ Average Watts: 128 ] 346 output. 346 output. 346 output.

Ride 58 [ Average Watts: 125 ] Squeezed in a quick ride before heading out of town for a family vacation – 20 minute intervals and arms with Robin – one of the best classes I’ve taken thus far. I wish I could bring the bike on our trip.

Ride 59 [ Average Watts: 98 ] I just completed a 90 minute ride. OMG! We’re having pizza for dinner.

Ride 62 [ Average Watts: 85 ] Hannah and Cody should do a musical ride with singing and choreograph.

Ride 66 [ Average Watts: 98 ] Loved Jenn Sherman’s class. I finally broke 352 output, but on a 60 minute ride. I’ll never reach 350 in just 45 minutes.

Ride 71 [ Average Watts: 130 ] 351 output on a 45 minute ride! I might pass out, but I finally did it!

Ride 74 [ Average Watts: 129 ] Why the hell am I taking this challenge again?

Ride 77 [ Average Watts: 135 ] I am NOT basic

Ride 79 [ Average Watts: 135 ] 365 output on a 45 minute ride and I am shaking right now. How does hubby get an output well into the 500’s? Did I marry a super hero? (yes)

Ride 82 [ Average Watts: 139] New PR with Robin. I got swagger.

Ride 86 [ Average Watts: 143 ] Week six, ride six. Feeling pretty proud of myself, but never taking another challenge.

Ride 87 [ Average Watts: 113 ] When is the next Peloton challenge?

Ride 89 [ Average Watts: 143 ] Per the advice of the Peloton community, I focused on my average watts rather than upping my resistance/cadence and finally hit 385 output. I wonder if I’ll ever make it into the MF400.

Ride 92 & 93 [ Average Watts: 70 & 57 ] Steven Little’s back to back 45 min endurance rides. How long will my butt be numb for?

Ride 96 [Average Watts: 149 ] Mother fucking 400! I just got my life together.

Ride 100 [ Average Watts: 151 ] Century club, I have arrived. 2 call outs from Robin and a new PR. How far I have come!

So, there you have it. 100 days of Peloton. I can’t wait to set and beat future milestones and already have my eyes set on the #MF500 club! Hope to see you on the leaderboard!







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