About Me


Hi there! I’m Ashlie Dulien, a Precision Nutrition L1 Certified Nutrition Coach, a gluten free food blogger focused on healthy recipes for busy Moms and a recipe developer and contributor for magazines. I’m also a Mom of two, a wife and a foodie who enjoys cooking, dining out and enjoying memories made around the table.

My specialty is in weight loss, body re-composition, and clean eating. I love working with busy Moms in their quest for fat loss, strength gains, and overall general health while modeling a healthy approach to nutrition for the whole family.

If you’re struggling to balance making your health a priority and fitting in time to do all the things Moms do while still getting dinner on the table, I’m the nutrition coach for you. From cooking hacks to navigating a fast food menu to learning healthy swaps to weight loss without having to deprive yourself of all things yummy, I’m here to help you uncover tools and cheer you on along the way!


In 2015, I gained 60 pounds with my first pregnancy.  I spent a year resorting to every fad diet and ended up yo yo dieting while constantly feeling defeated (and hungry). Old habits like eliminating food groups, under eating and spending countless hours doing cardio just weren’t cutting the mustard. (oh mustard! The calorie free condiment I would devour because I was just so deprived.) It wasn’t until I surrendered and hired a nutritionist that I finally made some long term progress. While loosing the weight was one of the hardest things Ive had to do, I’m so grateful as it opened my eyes to how disordered my eating patterns were, how nutrition can be life changing and feeling good about myself is so much more than a number on the scale. 

Not only was learning proper nutrition important to me, but it’s been a critical foundation we have taught our kiddos. After igniting a passion for all things wellness, I decided to go back to school for nutrition and become a certified nutrition coach.

I’d love to set up a call to discuss how I can help you hit your goals. I can be contacted at talkmacrostome@gmail.com



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