Skinny Lox spread

Coming up with a name for this recipe was tough. You see, there’s no bagel and there’s no schmear, but there’s a whole lotta deliciousness, flavor and protein in this one. Despite that it’s missing key ingredients, this lightened up breakfast definitely hits the spot and fills the lox bagel craving.

Growing up, lox and cream cheese bagels for breakfast was a regular thing. I couldn’t tell you if it’s because my Mom is also a lox fan or the fact that this Jewish gal grew up in a very Jewish neighborhood and our calander consisted of lots of bat mitzvahs and brunching out with friends at our neighborhood deli. Either way, Lox and bagels gives me that sense of childhood comfort that we all crave now and then.

I made this lightened up version so I can frequently get it my lox cravings without using up all my carbs and fats for the day. There’s a time and a place for bagels and cream cheese but I’m not so motivated to hit the gym or run errands with a belly full of comfort.

Corn thins are my favorite bread substitute. They are thin enough that I can have many in one serving but thick enough that they are sturdy and a great vehicle for all things delicious. I use to buy them at Mother’s market when I lived in Orange County, but I haven’t found them in Austin so instead I buy these by the case on Amazon. You can find them Here. I highly reccomend the flax and soy flavor.

The fresh dill and tomatoes add a great flavor profile. You can also add thinly sliced red onion and capers or anything else you love on a traditional lox and bagel spread.

Not only is this delish, but the macros are incredible! A serving of three of these packs 40g of protein, 17 carbs and 9g of fat for a total of 307 calories. Such a great way to fuel my body for the day but feel light enough I can head out for a run or busy day of errands without feeling overstuffed.


  • 3 Real foods corn thins
  • 5oz Good Culture low fat cottage cheese
  • 3oz smoked salmon
  • 1 teaspoon Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon fresh dill
  • 3 cherry tomatoes, chopped


  • 1. Spread cottage cheese on corn thins.
  • 2. Top with lox, seasoning, dill and tomatoes.

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